Works and Projects

Find out about works and projects happening in SJ; including work on roads, footpaths, lighting, buildings, parks and community facilities.

Project plans

Roadworks, updates and general information regarding the Abernethy Road Project upgrade.

The Metropolitan Road Improvement Alliance (MRIA), on behalf of Main Roads is upgrading the 6.9km section of Armadale Rd between Tapper Rd and Anstey Rd from 2 lanes to a 4 lane dual carriageway.

Find out more about the basketball half court that we're constructing in the Briggs Park Precinct.

Growth Areas Perth and Peel (GAPP) aims to improve the livability and desirability of Perth's outer metropolitan communities through the development of $1billion worth of sport and recreation facilities.

Road resurfacing on Kargotich Road, between Lowlands Road to 1km North.

Roadworks from mid-May for six months.

Resealing works on King Road, between Leipold Road and Jackson Road.

Road resurfacing on Masters Road, between Rowley Road and 1km South.

Resealing works on Orton Road, between Kargotich Road and King Road.

Road resurfacing on Rowley Road, between Tonkin Highway and Nicholson Road.

Road resurfacing on Soldiers Road, between Karbro Drive and Bushlark Close.

Road resurfacing on Wright Road, between Lowlands Road to 2km’s north.