Animal Welfare Contacts

Various organisations provide animal welfare and injured wildlife care services, as well as snake handling services.  These are listed below.

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If you are aware of other organisations locally, please contact us.

Snake Handlers

In spring and summer, many reptiles emerge to bask in the sun. During this time you should take precautions to minimise the chance of encountering snakes.

If you find a snake:

Do not approach or aggravate it in any way. Most bites occur when people accidentally step on snakes, or while attempting to kill them. As the warmer days of spring approach, snakes become more active as they leave their winter retreats in search of a mate and food.

If you find a snake in a garden or a house, contact the below local snake handlers.

  • Armadale Reptile Park - 24 hours

    Phone Work 9399 6927