For the well-being and safety of your dog and the community, it is important that you look after your dog responsibly.

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Dogs three months or older need to be microchipped and registered with us. It's important that your dog wears a collar displaying their identification and registration tags, so that they can make it home to you safely if they're lost.

Dog Registrations

Dog registration will apply from the date of registration until 31 October each year.

Partial refunds of registration fees are applicable when you change your dog over from an 'unsterilised' registration to a 'sterilised' registration. For information about registration fee refunds, please .

Item Duration Cost

Unsterilised Dog/Bitch

1 year


Unsterilised Dog/Bitch

3 years


Unsterilised Dog/Bitch



Sterilised Dog/Bitch

1 year


Sterilised Dog/Bitch

3 year


Sterilised Dog/Bitch



Working Dogs

25% of fee



50% of fee


Microchipping your Dog

You are required by law to microchip your dog.

Dogs over the age of three months are required to be micro-chipped and registered with a national database, and, with your local government as part of your dog registration requirements.

All dogs and pups are to be micro-chipped by the breeder or seller prior to the sale of the dog. It is the responsibility of the dog owner to ensure that a dog is registered and micro-chipped. 

Even apart from the law, if you care for your dog, you should microchip your dog in case it strays and is hurt, sick and/or lost to assist authorities in contacting you. 

How Many Dogs Can I Have?

Only two dogs are allowed to be kept at any one residence.

If you're thinking about keeping more than two dogs, a written application must be made to Council with a non-refundable fee of $90.

Puppies may only be kept without a written application until they reach the age of three months.

Responsible Dog Ownership

For the well-being and safety of your dog and the community, it is important that you look after your dog responsibly.

Please ensure your dog:

  • Wears a collar displaying your name, address and phone number and its registration tag for easy identification
  • Can be confined to the premises at which it lives
  • Is under the control of a competent person and held by a leash whenever in a public place
  • Is only exercised off-leash in designated areas. If your dog is off the leash, you must carry a leash to ensure it can be restrained if required. If you or your dog disobeys any of the requirements, you may end up with a fine.

Penalties apply for the following offences:

Offence Penalties

Unregistered dog

$200 ($400 for Dangerous dog)

Dog not held in a public place

$200 ($400 for Dangerous dog)

Dog in a place without consent

$200 ($400 for Dangerous dog)

Dog attack or chase causing injury

$400 (incidents involving Dangerous dog is immediately a legal matter) 

Dog attack or chase causing no injury

$200 ($400 for Dangerous dog)

Please note that the above list is only a sample of offences relating to dog ownership and is not exhaustive. Other offences apply under the current Dog Act 1976, Dog Regulations 2013 and the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale's Dog Local Law.


Exercising Your Dog

There are a number of parks within the Shire that your dog would love to visit! Most of them are now fitted with doggy waste bags for your convenience. If you notice that the bag supply at your local park is getting low, please contact us so that we can stock them up.

Barking Dogs

Barking, whimpering, howling, whining, yelping and moaning are sounds made by dogs for communication. However, excessive noise can be a real nuisance, especially for neighbours.

Dog Attacks

Dog attacks can cause severe injury and trauma, and are serious incidents.

You are responsible for your dog's behaviour. The penalties for owners whose dogs attack others are harsh. To reduce the chance of a dog attack: 

  • Always keep your dog under control
  • Always supervise children around dogs and keep them away from dogs when they are sleeping, eating or with their puppies and
  • Educate your children on safe behaviour around dogs

If you are involved in a dog attack seek the appropriate veterinary/medical assistance, then contact

  • Rangers Services Team - *This number is monitored between 7am and 5pm Monday – Friday (excluding public holidays)

    Phone Work 9526 1136

Lost and Stray Dogs

Your dog should never be allowed to wander as it could cause a nuisance in the community. Roaming dogs may attack people, wildlife or other animals. They are also at risk of being hit by a car or causing a car accident.

The best way to stop your dog wandering is to keep it in a safe environment, with secure fences and gates and where it has a comfortable bed with protection from the sun, rain and wind.

If you find a stray dog, try to confine it in your back yard or garage.

If your dog is lost contact our Rangers team and give a full description, so that we can contact you if your dog is located.

Check here to see whether your dog has already been picked up by the Rangers.

  • Rangers Services Team - *This number is monitored between 7am and 5pm Monday – Friday (excluding public holidays)

    Phone Work 9526 1136