Find out about keeping animals in Serpentine Jarrahdale including dog and cat registration, responsible pet ownership and keeping of bees, poultry and large animals.


Find out about cats; including registration fees and application, breeding fees and application, responsible cat ownership, the Cat Act of 2011 and what to do if you have found a stray cat or kittens.

Find out about dogs; including dog registration fees and application, microchipping, how many dogs you can keep on your property, responsible dog ownership, barking dogs and dog attacks.

Located at Bill Hicks Reserve, Plaistowe Boulevard, Byford.

It is the responsibility of the stock owner to contain livestock within property boundaries. 

Keeping of Bees, Poultry and Large Animals in the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale.

Once a cat or dog comes into the rangers possession they are checked for a microchip. We will always try and unite pet and owner.