Abandoned Vehicles

If you find an abandoned vehicle within the Shire, please contact our Rangers team.  

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Vehicles that are left in streets or on property for over 24 hours may be considered abandoned and be removed or impounded.

For vehicles located on major roads and freeways, please contact Main Roads WA.  

For all other vehicles on roads and in public places please contact the Shire Rangers.
  • Rangers Services Team - *This number is monitored between 7am and 5pm Monday – Friday (excluding public holidays)

    Phone Work 9526 1136

Once a vehicle has been reported, we will endeavour to contact its last known registered owner.

If the owner doesn't collect the vehicle or is unable to be contacted, we will arrange for the vehicle to be impounded. All impounded vehicles will be stored at a Shire facility for a period of 60 days to allow for collection by the registered owner. The vehicle may be sold by public tender or disposed of by other means.

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