After construction, the developments are controlled by the subdivision developers for 1-2 years before the assets are taken over by the Shire.

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Subdivision Development and Management

If you require information or advice in relation to a subdivision, please contact our Subdivisions Team.


The Shire has a team of environmental professionals that oversee the protection and development of our natural assets, from approving the landscaping of our verges and overseeing the creation of authentic streetscapes, to undertaking audits of native flora.

The Shire is engaged in multiple programs that aim to benefit the environment and our community. Free verge and herbicide programs, and a free verge tree program is offered to residents, in conjunction with the many programs the Shire supports through Landcare SJ.

Civil Development

Civil work throughout the Shire consists of roads, pathways, and drainage, including culverts, pipes, pits, kerb inlets, rainwater gardens, median islands, landscaping, street lights and some bridges.

The Shire is responsible for maintenance, renewal and upgrade of some 627 km of sealed roads and 121km of unsealed roads. This equates to a cost of around $220 million dollars in road infrastructure, and around $42 million dollars worth of drainage systems that we own and maintain.


    Water Management

    The Shire is responsible for many different aspects of water management. We provide accurate information regarding stormwater and subsoil piping requirements for dwellings, and information about drainage requirements within subdivisions and developments across Serpentine Jarrahdale.

    We also provide information and advice in relation to residential and rural easements.

    Street Lighting