Priority Projects

Strategic projects that would secure transport, recreation and employment opportunities across the Shire.

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Our Priority Projects

✔ Tonkin Highway Extension

Create a seamless freight corridor and ease traffic congestion with the extension of the Tonkin Highway from Thomas Road, Oakford to South Western Highway, Mundijong. 

✔ Mundijong Freight Rail Realignment

Move the freight rail from the Mundijong town centre to continue the seamless freight corridor and enable safer development of the Mundijong-Whitby urban town site. 

✔ Briggs Park Lower Oval

Provide active sporting spaces all year round for our community. 

✔ George Street, Byford

Open road access and progress undergrounding of power to promote economic development and jobs for our kids.

✔ Regional Recreation Precinct

Purchase land for the future regional sporting facility in the future to service our growing community. 

✔ Rapid Bus Service

Increase public transport options to our community with a rapid bus route service from Rockingham to Mundijong to Byford and onto Armadale. 
These projects will secure transport, recreation and employment opportunities across the Shire. 

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