Being a considerate neighbour

Find out more about being a considerate neighbour; including tips for dealing with noise, rubbish and odour, pets and burning off.

Considerate neighbour helping with the groceries

Maintaining a good relationship with your neighbour’s can help contribute to having a happy, healthy and conflict-free home environment.

Understanding what you can and can’t do is important and this page will help outline some of the Laws, Regulations and activities we recommend you follow.

Tips if you're having a dispute with your neighbour

Before escalating your concerns to the Shire or Police, have a friendly chat to your neighbour about the issue. Often people may not realise the impacts their actions may have on others.

In some instances, mediation may be required. Disputes between neighbours should be referred to the Citizens Advice Bureau.


Noise is best described as unwanted sound. If the cause of the noise is too loud and continuous it can become a nuisance to surrounding residents. Certain equipment can only be used during specific times or lengths of the day.

Power tools including lawn mowers and leaf blowers Maximum of 2 hours per day, between the hours of 7am to 7pm Monday to Saturday and 9am to 7pm Sundays and Public Holidays
Musical instruments Maximum of 1 hour per day, between the hours of 7am to 7pm Monday to Saturday and 9am to 7pm Sundays and Public Holidays
Music and stereo noise The noise shouldn’t be audible from outside your property boundary. Shut windows and doors when playing music inside. Also, be mindful of the time, music noise should be reduced after 10pm.
Air-conditioning noise Consider your neighbours when choosing a location for your air conditioning unit. Speak to your installer for confirmation of this.

Rubbish and odour

Dumped rubbish is unpleasant and can attract pests or cause an odour, especially in the warmer months.

  • Try to minimise your waste to prevent over filling your bins - keeping the lid shut will prevent unwanted pests and water getting into your bin.
  • If you have a trailer load of rubbish, make sure it is taken to the tip quickly so it does not cause an odour nuisance.


Constant or loud noises caused from pets such as dogs or birds can create a nuisance to surrounding neighbours.

  • Consider the location of bird cages and your neighbouring properties.
  • Consider others when leaving your animal by itself, especially during night time or early in the morning.

Burning off

Burning waste and garden refuse can pollute the air and create a nuisance to neighbours. Before choosing to burn off consider the following;

  • Weather; low inversion layers can trap smoke taking a much longer time to disperse
  • Condition of garden refuse; only burn dry, dead material to minimise smoke

Considerate neighbour tip

Notify your neighbour’s if you intend to burn so they have the opportunity to take their washing off the line.

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Need more information?

If you require further information about issues which may cause a nuisance to yourself or others around you, please contact us.