Reserve Management Plans

The development of a Management Plan usually occurs when there are conflicting uses within an area that contains bushland for conservation and recreational activities on the same parcel of land. 

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Management Plans

The Management Plan gives guidance and guidelines to the land manager and the users of the area, so that there are clear actions for how the users and Land managers can act in order to give the best protection of the natural environment. This is also often a requirement for the State government and Management Plans can be used to gain external funding for conservation activities within the reserves.
These Management Plans and actions are reviewed regularly by the community through the Reserves Advisory Group. In addition to the Management Plans below, other reserves within the Shire are currently having individual Management Plans created or are being included in other documents.

Serpentine Cemetery Reserve - Management Plan

Approximately 1 hectare of the 2.4 hectare Serpentine Cemetery Reserve is built cemetery and associated infrastructure, while the majority of the reserve is recognized and protected as an Environmentally Sensitive Area and is formally managed and recognized as a portion of Bush Forever Site No. 371. The local government manages the burials in the cemetery in collaboration with the Serpentine Cemetery Management Committee. The committee has been set up to ensure that members of the community take an active interest in assisting the local government in management, retention and promotion of the socio-economic and cultural and natural heritage and history of the cemetery and its surrounding areas.

Scrivener Road Gravel Reserve - Draft Management Plan

The Scrivener Road Gravel Reserves vested with the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale have significant biodiversity value. All three of the federally protected black cockatoo species have been recorded nesting in these reserves. It is proposed that gravel extraction be active again in these reserves through guidance of this draft management plan which allows for offset provision associated with any purpose permit as required by the Department of Environment Regulation. The Department of Parks and Wildlife will also be consulted to agree on these offset provisions such as rehabilitation which will comprise cockatoo feeding habitat species and the installation of artificial cockatoo nesting hollows "Cockatubes".

Forest Green Management Plan

Forest Green Reserve is located south of Jarrahdale Road, at the junction of Brady Road and Forest Avenue. It's a portion of State Forest No. 22 vested with the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW), and is destined to be transferred to the Shire for the purpose of meeting local community passive and action recreational needs.

Serpentine Sports Reserve Management Plan

The Serpentine Sports Reserve covers a total area of 68 hectares at the junction of Karnup Road and Hall Road in Serpentine. The Reserve includes recreational facilities, consisting of a golf club, pony club and polocrosse club, as well as regionally significant areas of remnant vegetation.  Some of the vegetation within the reserve is listed as Bush Forever land, and has several significant vegetation types within in it.

King Road Pony Club Reserve - Management Plan

King Road Pony Club Reserve is located on King Road and covers an area of 25 hectares. It is vested with the Shire for the purpose of public recreation and it is also managed for its conservation values as it is a significant local natural area under the Shire’s Local Biodiversity Strategy. Within this reserve contains an area used by the Peel Horse and Pony Club.

Yangedi Bush Forever and Airfield Reserve - Management Plan

The Yangedi Bush Forever and Airfield Reserve is located in the southern part of the Serpentine Jarrahdale Shire and is 64 hectares in area. It is vested with the Shire for the purpose of public recreation, housing the Serpentine Sports Aircraft Club. It is also managed for its conservation values and is part of Bush Forever site 378. 

Briggs Park and Brickwood Reserve - Management Plan

The Briggs Park and Brickwood Reserve is managed by the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale and has federally listed and protected ecological communities. Briggs Park has a Recreation Precinct Master Plan currently in place. The new draft management plan for Briggs Park and Brickwood Reserve is comprehensive in reconciling the protection of this significant environmental feature with community demands and access.

Korribinjal Brook - Management Plan

The Korribinjal Brook Reserve is located in the Millbrook area of Jarrahdale and totals 5.4 hectares in size. It is vested with the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale for the purpose of public recreation with a purpose of conservation proposed to also be included as the Brook is an important ecological corridor.

Darling Downs Trail Network Reserves - Management Plan

The Darling Downs Trail Network Reserves are located in Darling Downs, north of Byford, linking properties within an equestrian precinct to a large recreational reserve primarily used for equestrian purposes. The Reserves can be best described as recreational reserves with environmental values. The management of dual purpose reserves can lead to conflict between recreation and conservation. This Management Plan is intended as a guiding document, to assist the Darling Downs Residents’ Association in managing the environmental values of the reserves, while maintaining their primary recreational functions.