Healthy Habitats

Do you have a significant amount of remnant vegetation on your property? If so, you may be eligible for environmental restoration assistance through the Healthy Habitats program.

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Serpentine Jarahdale is blessed with many areas of natural beauty. These remnants might exist as stands of native vegetation, including mature trees and smaller understorey species. Or you might have a wetland or waterway on your property. Any landowner who is interested in how to look after native vegetation can become a Healthy Habitats member. Click on the brochure below for more information. 

Caring for Our Environment

The Healthy Habitats program has been running since 2009 and is a partnership between the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale and Landcare SJ. The program implements recommendations made by the Shire's Local Biodiversity Strategy by offering support to landholders with privately owned bushland including information and advice tailored to each property about how to best look after it. There are currently 27 properties that are members of the program, representing 500ha of natural areas being actively look after by the landowners. 


The Local Biodiversity Strategy contains a number of proposals to protect and manage some of the remaining Local Natural Areas within the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale. The strategy was formally adopted my Council at the end of 2008.