Community History

The Library works closely with local historical societies, our Library Friends group, and other interested community members, to preserve the important history of the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale for future generations.

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The Libraries community history collection features books, brochures, historical photographs, private papers of local identities, records of localorganisations, oral history interviews and other interesting items of a bygone era, relating to the Shire. The Library isalso  developing a website which will allow access to this historical information by members of the public.

Items in the community history collection can be viewed by visiting the Library. 

Community History Focus

Hero Airman - Roy "Nug" Hibben

By Jan Skillington 

Roy Hibben

Roy Hibben was born in Mundijong on 4 May 1927. His parents were English migrants, Alfred and Alice Hibben, who ran a poultry farm selling eggs to Mundijong locals.

Roy attended Mundijong Primary and Perth Boys High Schools. After leaving school he joined the WA Government Railways and became Assistant Stationmaster at Goomalling, where he began flying lessons, and in 1951 he joined the RAAF.

Wing Commander Roy Hibben’s most dangerous mission was during the Vietnam War when flying an Iroquois helicopter and CO of no. 9 squadron. He was landing 6 SAS troops who were suspended at the end of a rope below his Huey when the helicopter suffered massive hydraulic failure. The aircraft lurched and the men swung helplessly in a violent arc. Roy somehow regained control long enough to allow the men to land however, being free of its load, the helicopter shot upwards then crashed to the ground. Remarkably all crew walked away unharmed.

Roy was awarded a DSO for his exceptional flying skills and for saving the lives of all members of his crew.

Community History Sound Byte

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A past employee of the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale, Rob Gibb, talks about the SJ shire offices built in 1949 and how the walk-in safe was constructed with worn out grader blades in the cavity walls for security.
Recorded at the SJ Community Fair 2014 as part of the Mundijong Library’s oral history program, "SJ Remembers”.

A resident of Jarrahdale, Cheryl Trueman, tells how she came to live there.
Recorded at the SJ Community Fair 2014 as part of the Mundijong Library’s oral history program, "SJ Remembers”.

A resident of Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale for 36 years talks about her first memory of a fair in the area.

An interview with Geoff Wholagan. The Wholagan family ran the Mundijong bakehouse from 1952 to the early 1980s. In this sound byte Geoff describes the brick oven called a Scotch oven, how it was used and maintained.

Ernie and Doris George had very fertile land on Nettleton Road, Byford where he grew vegetables and supplied them to Plaistowe's canning company in West Perth. 

They supplemented their income by cutting timber for Bill's uncle who collected it from them, and other cutters in the area, and sold it for firewood. 

Bill describes how Ernie adapted his tractor and recycled items to build their house and household items.