Ranger Contact Details

The Rangers should be contacted for service requests or information regarding litter control, off-road vehicles, animal control and straying stock, illegal camping on Council Reserves and for parking control in public places.

Telephone: 9526 1136  
Email: info@sjshire.wa.gov.au

Contact Hours 

Rangers are in attendance Monday to Friday between 7am to 5pm.

Outside these hours please phone 9526 1136 and leave a message and your contact details. If the report is of a serious nature we will contact you at the first opportunity. If the report is of a routine nature, we will contact you on the next working day. 

Outside these hours, contact can be made by phoning 9526 1111, and your call will be forwarded to a message bank, so please leave a brief message including the location of the matter and your contact details. A Ranger will contact you at their first opportunity and if the report is of a routine nature, a Ranger will contact you on the next working day.

If the matter is of an immediate life threatening nature or an emergency, an incident report should be made through ‘000’ or the relevant emergency service agency.

As the Rangers are not authorized under the Animal Welfare Act and Wildlife Act, accordingly:

  • Please contact RSPCA on 9209 9300 for animal welfare matters, and
  • Please contact the Department of Parks & Wildlife on 9334 0333 for any wildlife matters.

Service Request Form 

If you wish to lodge a complaint please complete a Service Request Form and forward to the Shire.

Service Request Form