West Byford Primary School Parking

School parking and stopping during drop off and pick up times. 

16 March 2017
Byford West Parking 490 x 290

The Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale seeks your help to improve parking at the school. Please assist our Rangers by adhering to the installed signage, for clarification please refer to the map below.

Red sections on the map show the continuous yellow line areas around the school. Parking and Stopping is not allowed on the road, on the yellow line itself or on the verge area where the yellow line is marked.

The green line on the map on Wodalla Parade, is not currently being enforced as a no parking zone. This is due to the requirement for Pre-Kindy, Kindy and Year 1 students needing to be signed in and out by a parent or carer. When this changes and is enforced you will be advised and warnings given in the first instance.

Your assistance is required to NOT double park your car close to the gates on Wodalla Pde so your child has to walk out onto the road to get into your vehicle. This endangers your child and also holds up traffic.

If there are no parking spaces available in the green marked area on Wodalla Parade you need to move on and find another space to park and walk to your child’s class room or an area where you can meet them.

The new carpark at the end of the oval (off Kardan Boulevard) is now a lot less congested and parking has been available. There is also parking on side streets which is only a short walk. Please remember do not park over footpaths or within 10m of an intersection, over private driveways or on a median strip or cul-de-sac. Please park safe for the safety of everyone!

Byford West Parking