Term 3 School Parking

A back to school parking message from Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale Rangers.

13 July 2017
Back to school image of notepad and pencils

The Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale Rangers would like to extend a big thank you for the improvement in school parking that has been shown during Term 2. 

As we prepare for the return to school next week we ask that you please read the information below regarding parking for Term 3.

  • DO NOT park within 10m of an intersection (includes laneways) and applies to parking on the road and verge. 
  • DO NOT block a laneway, and DO NOT park outside, or opposite a garage in a laneway so that residents cannot enter and exit their garages.
  • DO NOT park against the flow of traffic - this applies to parking on the road and the verge area (doing this results in pulling out into oncoming traffic).
  • DO NOT park on the road or verge adjoining yellow line markings in a school zone.
  • DO NOT park over footpaths, footpaths are for feet. Please park your car on the road, keeping the above pointers in mind. 

The Rangers Team may issue warnings for the first week of Term 3, following this infringements may be issued for unauthorised parking. 

Thank you for your cooperation.