Sports Volunteer Recognition – Congratulations Sue Webb, Serpentine & Districts Golf Club

Sue Webb was recognised in February 2018 for her hard work at the Serpentine & Districts Golf Club. Sue received a $100 voucher to a restaurant of her choice located within the Shire.

22 February 2018
Sue Webb Iris Schrott Judy Hambley Serpentine and Districts Golf Club

We asked Sue a few questions about her experience volunteering:

1. How did you get involved in volunteering for your club?

Before living in Serpentine, I lived in a small country town where it was essential that everyone in the community volunteer for groups & clubs, otherwise they did not exist or progress and I was brought up in a family that always volunteered to help wherever they could. So when I joined the Serpentine Golf Club I immediately saw that I could offer my skills within catering for our events, and on our management committee.

2. How long have you been involved in volunteering?

I have been a volunteer at the Serpentine Golf Club since 2013, but prior to this I have been a volunteer to numerous other clubs/groups for the past 25 years.

3. What do you enjoy most about volunteering?

The feeling of being a part of a group & getting to know many great people along the way. It is also very satisfying when you can see that you are helping to make a difference.

4. What makes your club special to you?

The Serpentine Golf Club is a very welcoming sports club to be involved with, and everyone is very thankful for the work you put into it. I am always amazed at all our wonderful volunteers that work so hard to make our club such a great place to be. I am only a very small part of a great group of volunteers, but of course, we always need a lot more members to volunteer.

5. Why would you recommend others to get involved in volunteering?

I would recommend everyone to get involved in some way with their club - even if it’s in a small way, as every little bit helps. It’s extremely satisfying, and the friendships that you make through volunteering are very special. If you want your club to progress & to keep moving forward, it needs all of its members to be helping to work towards that by volunteering their time/skills in any way that they can.

The Shire thanks Sue for her contribution to the community.

Image caption - L:R Sue Webb, Iris Schrott and Judy Hambley.

If you have a volunteer doing great work at your club then make sure you nominate them!