Speed cushions to enhance safety for drivers and residents

Speed cushions have been installed along a section of Old Brickworks Road...

8 February 2018
Project plans

Speed cushions have been installed along a section of Old Brickworks Road in Byford in an effort to reduce traffic speed and create a safer environment for drivers and residents.

Installed last week, the cushions will be trialled over 12 months, in which time the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale will assess their benefit. 

Similar cushions are already in place on other WA roads, where they have proven particularly effective in reducing the number of vehicles travelling 12.9km/h to 15.1km/h above the speed limit. They are also shown to not damage vehicles and do not lead to an increase in vehicle noise.

Shire President Cr Michelle Rich said the cushions were installed to create a safer environment following complaints of dangerous driving in the area.

“We were contacted by number of residents with concerns about drivers consistently exceeding the speed limit and endangering the safety of those who live along the road,” Cr Rich said.

“In monitoring the area, we recorded a significant number of vehicles exceeding the 50km/h speed limit by over 17km/h, placing them in the 85th speed percentile. Obviously, this is unacceptable and we have taken immediate action.

“We examined several potential solutions and eventually decided speed cushions were the most effective and appropriate device. 

“As a Shire, we have a responsibility to ensure the safety of all our residents and these speed control devices are a means to achieving this. These particular cushions have been used along other roads in WA and proven extremely effective.”

A study of cushions installed by Main Roads WA along a section of Fitzgerald Street in North Perth highlighted the benefits of the speed control devices. The street, which has a traffic volume of up to 25,000 vehicles per day, saw a significant reduction in the 85th percentile speed between 12.9km/h to 15.1km/h.

The study reported no damage to vehicles, and no increase in traffic noise following the cushions’ installation.

Funds for the speed cushions were allocated through the Shire’s 2017/18 Capital Works Budget.