Spartan Race International Trifecta Weekend

To be held in Perth from 23 to 26 November 2017.

11 September 2017
Its coming

In partnership with the Government of Western Australia, Spartan Race Australia will be bringing obstacle course racers from all over the globe to Perth this 23-26 November 2017. The Perth Trifecta Weekend will be the largest Spartan Race ever staged on Australian soil, and the first international Spartan Race in Australia.

Australian Spartan races have always been a little different. Our insistence on new obstacles and challenging terrain coupled with a “CAN DO” attitude has helped develop a community of people who love to push the limits. We train to get stronger, become more resilient, and be tougher individuals who can support others.

Spartan Race Australia are thrilled to return to Perth this November. We can think of no better city to host Australia’s largest international Spartan festival. With a thriving and cosmopolitan city that boasts 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, Western Australians enjoy a vibrant culture, which embraces sport and the outdoors. Visitors to Perth are sure to enjoy all that Western Australia has to offer, from the beauty of Perth’s beaches, to the wonder of Kings Park.

The Perth Trifecta Weekend is open to all Spartan racers, whether veteran or novice. This marquee event lets racers to choose from the 7km Sprint, the 14Km Super or the 21km Beast, of for those set on earning their Trifecta there’s option to complete all 3 distances.

This 7Km Sprint course (20+ obstacles) is perfect for first time racers and those more focused on the obstacles than the running. The 14km Super course (30+ obstacles) is long enough to get the legs and heart working while still maintaining intensity. The 14Km Beast course is as beautiful as it is challenging, with a 21km canvas that’s big enough to take in challenging climbs and heart pumping descents as well as 40+ obstacles.

Regardless of which challenge they choose to undertake, competitors can expect new obstacles and a world-class course in Perth.

A dedicated Spartan Kids race will be held on Saturday and Sunday, where young Spartans can enjoy a 1-2km obstacle-filled course.

To get a feel for what racers can expect, please enjoy the “Road-to-Perth” web series featuring superstar obstacle course athletes Matt Murphy and Janet Smith.

Those looking for the ultimate Spartan challenge can undertake the 12HR Hurricane Heat, which runs from 7:00PM on Thursday through to 7:00AM on Friday (23-24 November 2017). The Hurricane Heat is an extreme group challenge, focusing on teamwork and resilience, utilizing techniques developed by former British SAS/SBS soldiers.

This event weekend will also mark the grand finale of the inaugural five-part Spartan Race Asia Pacific Championship Series. The Series has already travelled to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and South Korea. On the final day of our race weekend in Perth, the inaugural Asia Pacific Champions will be crowned.

The Perth APAC Trifecta Weekend is a celebration of all things Spartan Race. The weekend’s festivities will commence with an official welcome function for all competitors on the evening of Thursday 23 November 2017, and will conclude with an after-party and presentation on the night of Sunday 26 November 2017.

Perth APAC Trifecta Weekend Schedule

The full schedule for the Perth APAC Trifecta Weekend is as follows:

Thursday 23 November 2017

Offical media launch

Offical welcome function

12HR Hurricane Heat starts

Friday 24 November 2017

Morning mobility and wellness session

12HR Hurrican Heat finishes

Saturday 25 November 2017

7km Sprint

14km Sprint

Spartan Juniors Race

Sunday 26 November 2017

21km Championship Beast

Spartan Juniors Race

Offical after-party and presentation

Spartan Race represents obstacle racing at its finest. As a society, we are busier, more stressed and less active than ever before. Spartan Race allows us to reconnect with nature and our own bodies, as we push our limits and learn to deal with obstacles placed in our path. Spartan Race becomes an attitude and a way of looking at life, where obstacles become challenges and anything is possible.

Spartan Race Perth APAC Championships will be held at 3069 South Western Highway, Keysbrook, WA 6126, situated just 50 minutes south of Perth CBD. Registrations for Spartan Race Perth APAC Championships are now open. For more information, please see our dedicated Perth Trifecta Weekend information page.

For more information please contact:

Jae Kha
Media and Communications Manager Spartan Race Australia
M: 0433 565 907

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