Shire's Budget has been adopted

The Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale has formally adopted its 2017/2018 budget.

27 July 2017
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The Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale has formally adopted its 2017/2018 Budget following the Ordinary Council Meeting on 24 July.

Our residents provided us with their aspirations for the Shire, as well as their valued projects and services during the extensive community consultation we undertook with SJ Real Choices participatory budgeting and SJ2050 vision.

Shire President, Cr John Erren said the outcomes of the SJ Real Choices and SJ2050 have guided us with our budget planning for this year.

‘Our residents told us they wanted to focus on the roads they use to get to work and this year we’re investing $2.3m on routine road maintenance as well as $18.9m, with the assistance of grant funding, on new road and footpath construction, and upgrades including Abernethy Road and the Thomas Road design.’ Cr Erren said.

‘We’re also planning for our future and committing $1.26m towards projects to ensure communities are well planned and reflect community aspirations. This includes $552k for investigating and promoting Economic Development prospects within the Shire, which will increase local job opportunities and community prosperity.’

‘Environment continues to be important to our community and we will invest $1m to support Landcare SJ, our rural services, continue the free verge plant scheme and protect the biodiversity of the important areas of bush land within our Shire.’

Upgrades to our Facilities were one of our priorities and have included the construction of the Briggs Park Skate Park, Jarrahdale Static Water Supplies, upgrades to tennis courts and maintenance to various sporting facilities.

Total rate yield has increased by 2.37% and cost reductions have been achieved through operational savings, allowing a greater investment into our assets. The average residential rates increase is 1.89% or a $31 increase this year.

‘The Shire has worked hard to minimise rate increases to our residents while providing a balanced budget reflecting our community’s aspirations.’ Cr Erren said.

Key Projects

Buildings and Facilities

Construction of new buildings and facilities, and renewing existing ones


Routine maintenance of buildings and facilities


Parks and Gardens

Routine maintenance programs


New parks, gardens and reserves, and renewing our existing ones


Infrastructure - Roads, Footpaths and Drainage

New road and footpath construction, and renewal programs

$18.9m including grant funding

Routine maintenance programs


Upgrading drainage


Routine maintenance


Planning for our future

Projects that continue to ensure communities are well planned and reflect community aspirations - $1.26m which includes;

Youth Strategy


Ageing Well Strategy


Equine Strategy


Sports and Recreation Strategy


Economic Development


Community Projects

Youth Services, YMCA


Community Events


Community Grants


Protection of the Environment



Landcare SJ


Rural Services


Read the complete Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale Annual Budget 2017/2018 by downloading the attachment below.