Shire Rangers are focused on targeted parking issues

In the coming months, our Rangers will be focused on school zone parking, obstructed footpaths and the misuse of accessible parking bays.

13 July 2018
Parking at the Mundijong Public Library

All local governments adopt Parking Local Laws for the safety and amenity of their residents and visitors to their community.

While our Rangers perform a diverse range of duties, one of their core objectives is to administer the Parking and Parking Facilities Local Law 2014.

Although Rangers administer all aspects of the Local Law, they have identified 3 areas that have a significant impact on residents, pedestrians, young children and people with disabilities.

The majority of the complaints and requests we receive from our community relate to:

  1. School parking
  2. Obstructed footpaths
  3. Illegal parking in accessible parking bays

In the coming months Rangers will be focused on:

1. School zone parking and traffic arrangements

Children can be unpredictable in and around traffic and can move unexpectedly into a situation where they are at risk of injury.

The Shire, in consultation with other authorities, provides parking, no stopping zones and traffic management signage at schools. These measures reduce the likelihood of accidents by establishing a clear line of vision for motorists and ensure the unobstructed flow of traffic.

2.Parking on or obstructing footpaths

Footpaths provide a safe environment for pedestrians, often with children and parents with prams, and for people with mobility aids. Blocking a pathway creates a risk and inconvenience to pedestrians as they are forced to deviate onto the road or verge.

3. Misuse of accessible parking bays

These clearly marked bays are for the exclusive use of people with a current disabled parking permit. They are located close to the entrance of a building and are essential to people in our community who have a disability.

Our Rangers look forward to continuing to work with the community to ensure the safety of our residents and pedestrians.

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