Shire open for business as future industrial and transport hub

Over 12,000 new jobs are expected to be created within the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale...

13 November 2017
West Mundijong

Over 12,000 new jobs are expected to be created within the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale as part of a landmark project to develop two industrial and commercial precincts in Mundijong.

Situated across 650 hectares of industrial-zoned land, the West Mundijong Industrial Area (WMIA) and Cardup Business Park are being readied for release with strong interest expected from large-scale commercial and industrial investors.

First identified as a major strategic project in 2010, the WMIA has capacity for 880 industrial lots, including an intermodal transport facility that will provide a natural junction for freight flowing to and from Westport, Kwinana’s planned outer harbour.

The Cardup Business Park, on 194 hectares, complements the WMIA and is expected to create an additional 2,500 general industrial jobs.

Each precinct will benefit significantly from major upgrades to transport infrastructure, including a proposed extension of Tonkin Highway to Mundijong, and the realignment of the existing freight rail line linking the Shire to commercial and industrial precincts across Perth and Peel.

Shire President Cr Michelle Rich said the new precincts would combine to create more local jobs and offer businesses the chance to be part of a thriving, interconnected industrial area.

“With over 650 hectares of key strategic land earmarked for development, the Shire is well positioned to become a major industrial and commercial centre where thousands of new jobs will be created,” Cr Rich said.

“The West Mundijong Industrial Area in particular will grow into a key transport hub servicing the proposed Westport development in Kwinana, Fremantle Port and the state’s South West.

“Both precincts will allow businesses to capitalise upon upgrades to existing transport networks that will improve connectivity with other key commercial and industrial areas.

“For our residents and new businesses to the area, the creation of more local jobs and greater economic diversity will only add to the sense of vibrancy and optimism that already exists within the Shire.”

Cr Rich said the new precincts would be developed in harmony with the Shire’s environmental values. She also said further economic development would promote investment in agri-businesses and allow the Shire to become a prime food bowl for the metropolitan area.

“The Shire has a long and proud agricultural history which we are determined to support and grow,” she said.

“It is important to recognise that economic development needn’t come at the expense of our environmental values. In each stage of the planning process, we have paid particularly close attention to environmental stewardship to ensure the preservation of our natural amenity.

“We believe this focus will help local producers take advantage of the Shire’s vast farming potential and establish themselves as farm-to-table suppliers for the entire metro area and the State’s South West.

“Both the WMIA and Cardup Business Park are key projects that will help foster an innovative, prosperous and commercially diverse local economy that doesn’t lose sight of its environmental values.”

  • West Mundijong

    Land to be developed for future industrial and commercial use as part of the West Mundijong Industrial Area.