Shire invests in innovation opportunities through Peel Bright Minds

The Shire has reinforced its commitment to economic growth through innovation after announcing...

27 September 2018

The Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale has reinforced its commitment to economic growth through innovation after announcing funding for Peel Bright Minds – an initiative promoting Entrepreneurship, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths (ESTEAM).

As part of a $30,000 contribution over the next three years, the shire will work with Peel Bright Minds to deliver a range of programs and activities linked to emerging industries which may one day be based locally. The initiative has a particular focus on promoting ESTEAM training and employment opportunities to young people.

Peel Bright Minds has been active within the shire since January, hosting a Science Café in Byford, staging ESTEAM activities at the SJ Community Fair, and working with local teachers, shire staff, and community groups.

Specifically, the sponsorship arrangement guarantees the shire:

  • Community engagement via stalls and displays at community festivals;
  • Delivery of at least two Science Café events (or similar events) per year;
  • The opportunity for community groups, schools and others to participate in regional activities such as ESTEAM awards, ESTEAM Champion Teachers’ network, STEM speed networking, industry tours and others;
  • Ongoing promotion of external programs and grant opportunities to schools and community groups;
  • Advocacy for external programs and initiatives relevant to local needs.

Shire President Cr Michelle Rich said the sponsorship was part of a bigger picture plan to make the shire a hub for businesses involved in science, technology and innovation.

“We see our involvement with Peel Bright Minds as an investment in the future our young people, and a pathway to help equip them with skills needed for industries of tomorrow,” Cr Rich said.

“It’s our vision to grow the shire into an attractive destination for forward-thinking business involved in things like environmental technology, agricultural science, and related fields. Not only will this help promote a strong and diversified local economy, but also provides employment opportunities within emerging industries.

“We look forward to working with Peel Bright Minds to showcase the opportunities linked to ESTEAM and emerging industries.”