Pothole repairs to improve access to Byford Village Shopping Centre

The Shire has moved to improve traffic flow along Abernethy Road in Byford by scheduling works to repair several large potholes. 

25 July 2018
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Latest update

This week’s weather forecast means we’ve had to postpone planned works on Abernethy Rd outside Coles and Woolworths.


The job has been rescheduled for Monday 6 August 2018, weather permitting.


In the meantime, make sure you stick to the speed limit and follow traffic signs in the area.

The potholes, near the entrances to Coles and Woolworths supermarkets at the Byford Village Shopping Centre, are the result of recent heavy rainfall. The Shire today confirmed repairs had been prioritised to allow unimpeded access to the shopping centre and to minimise traffic disruption.

Temporary patching work has been completed on smaller potholes near Woolworths, with the Shire engaging a maintenance contractor to undertake more complex repairs near Coles next week.

Shire President Councillor Michelle Rich said the Shire aimed to respond quickly to any issue affecting the condition of local roads.

“We’ve prioritised these repairs because the current state of the road is impeding traffic flow and that’s causing disruption as drivers enter and exit the shopping centre,” Cr Rich said.

“Some repairs have already been made, however, more permanent work will be undertaken by a specialist contractor next week.

“Unfortunately heavy rainfall does occasionally cause potholes and we just need to be on the front foot when it comes to identifying and fixing those which disrupt traffic.

“This particular stretch of road is already undergoing a significant upgrade, however, this issue required immediate attention and we were not prepared to delay repairs.”

Cr Rich said Shire maintenance crews kept a constant lookout for potholes, but that public assistance was vital.

“We want to make repairs as soon as possible which is why it’s important that the public alerts us if and when any open up,” she said.

“If a pothole is particularly dangerous, we obviously want to make it a priority.”

To report a pothole, please contact us.