Plan to have developers contribute to community facilities out for comment

Developers and the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale would partner to deliver community infrastructure under a draft plan released for public comment.

13 November 2019
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Under the Shire’s draft Community Infrastructure Development Contribution Plan (Scheme Amendment 207), contributions made by developers would help deliver the 23 community infrastructure projects identified in the plan to meet the future social and recreational needs of residents.

The draft plan has been developed under the framework of the State Government’s existing State Planning Policy 3.6, which guides the process of how development contributions for infrastructure are managed.

Shire President Michelle Rich said the draft plan was aimed at ensuring the necessary community infrastructure was provided to meet the needs of the Shire’s growing community.

“The draft plan acknowledges the fact that new residential development places additional pressure on existing community facilities, as well as generating the need for additional and expanded community facilities,” Cr Rich said.

“Through a shared partnership of Shire funding and developer contributions, the Shire can ensure necessary community infrastructure is provided at the right time and scale in response to growth occurring.”

Under the draft plan, landowners who choose to subdivide or develop more than one single dwelling will be required to make a proportional contribution towards a shared funding for community infrastructure, which has been identified as necessary to meet our new community needs.

The contribution is proportionate, with the Shire contributing together with developer contributions to deliver the necessary community infrastructure.

The Shire is responsible for the component of infrastructure demand from existing dwellings, and the contribution scheme will fund the component of infrastructure demand for future growth.

The draft plan will not apply to lots that have no subdivision or additional development potential, landowners who choose not to subdivide or develop more than one single dwelling or existing vacant lots that only have the potential to be developed for a single dwelling.

Plans and documents setting out the proposal are available for viewing at the Shire’s website at or by visiting the Shire’s administration office.

The public comment period is open until 16 January 2020.