Penalties imposed for dog attack serve as reminder to all dog owners

The Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale is reminding dog owners to be informed of their roles and responsibilities for the safety of themselves, their pet and the wider community.

4 July 2019
Larsen Road Dog Park

The reminder comes following a successful prosecution by the Shire in the Armadale Magistrate’s Court, where a couple were fined more than $24,000 for five dog-attack related charges relating to their dog.

On Tuesday, 25 June, the following fines were imposed against each of the accused for offences relating to their dog:


Dog attack causing injury

$2,200 fine

Dog attack without causing injury

$800 fine

Dangerous dog attack without causing injury

$1,800 fine

Escape of dangerous dog

$1,000 fine

Failure to display a dangerous dog sign

$500 fine

The Magistrate also awarded costs ($9,500.70) and vet bills ($2,429.30), which were assigned 50/50 to each of the accused. The total owing by each accused is $12,264.95, totalling $24,529.90.

Shire acting Chief Executive Officer Helen Sarcich said the successful prosecution served as a reminder to all dog owners that severe penalties apply for dog attacks.

“Dog attacks are serious incidents and can cause severe injury and trauma for victims, whether it is other animals or humans,” Ms Sarcich said. “Dog owners are reminded that they are responsible for their dog’s behaviour.

“While we would like to see no incidents of dog attacks in the Shire, we will take the necessary steps to ensure dog owners are held accountable for their own actions, and their dog, in the event of a dog attack.”

To reduce the chance of a dog attack: 

  • Always keep your dog under control
  • Always supervise children around dogs and keep them away from dogs when they are sleeping, eating or with their puppies; and
  • Educate your children on safe behaviour around dogs

For more information about responsible dog ownership in the Shire, click here.