New park a focal point for neighbours and friends in Byford

An adventure playground, conservation area and community garden are among the features...

1 May 2018
Mortar Pass Park opens to the public

An adventure playground, conservation area and community garden are among the features of a stunning new community park in Byford.

Located on Mortar Pass, the park includes playground and picnic facilities, a zip line, swings, child-friendly obstacle equipment and sheltered barbecue area.

It was designed by landscape architects UDLA as part of the Byford on the Scarp development and opened to the community on March 29.

Among the park’s unique features is a community garden allowing residents to pick fruit, vegetables and herbs.

Shire President Cr Michelle Rich said modern, well-designed parks and gardens were integral to creating a stronger sense of community.

“Since the park opened just under a month ago, it’s already become a focal point for nearby residents and the wider community,” Cr Rich.

“Gone are the days of parks with a few pieces of plastic play equipment and maybe a sandpit or swing. Today, we’re seeing public open space that actively encourages people to spend more time outdoors and more time interacting with their neighbours.

“We think that’s fantastic because it ultimately forges stronger community connections which is something we’re very keen to promote.

“The Shire frequently works with land developers to oversee the design of public open space in order maximise the benefit of these areas and help create liveable neighbourhoods.”

Conservation of existing bushland was prioritised as part of the park’s design, with walking trails, substantial tree and shrub planting and lookouts towards Perth all included.