Abernethy Road upgrade tree removal

FAQs about the removal of trees along Abernethy Road.

29 May 2019

The Shire wishes to advise that the next phase of the Abernethy Road upgrade project requires the removal of trees for the widening of the road and construction of underground storm-water drainage system.

Please see the FAQs below for more information.

Why are trees and shrubs being removed on Abernethy Road?

During the design of Abernethy Road, Shire officers considered all options and it was identified that certain trees and shrubs had to be removed for the purpose of the widening of the road, future drainage maintenance, costs of road maintenance and ensuring longevity of the road’s overall life.

When will the trees and shrubs be removed?

As upgrade works progress along Abernethy Road, identified trees and shrubs will be removed in a staged approach, dependent of the works program.

Has the Shire got permission to remove the trees and shrubs?

A clearing permit has been issued by the Department of Environment Regulation to remove the trees and shrubs.

How many trees will be removed?

The engineering drawings for the Abernethy Road project identifies the removal of approximately 120 trees and shrubs, ranging in size. The Shire is working with the contractor, Wormall Civil, to reduce this number where possible.

Will the trees be replaced?

Yes. In line with the aspirations of the Shire’s recently adopted Urban and Rural Forest Strategy, the Shire is committed to retaining the current level of canopy cover within the Shire.

In 2019/20 the Shire has committed funds for 6150 tree seedlings to be planted. This will be delivered through the Shire’s free verge plant program, SJ Landcare and tree planting by our operations team.

For the current financial year, the Shire has funded nearly 6000 new tree seedlings which have been planted. This includes 2240 through the Shire’s free verge plant program, 3376 via SJ Landcare and 129 planted by our operations team.


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