2018 Spring Quenda Count

Spring has officially sprung and your help is needed to understand urban quendas (bandicoots) better.

17 September 2018
image of a quenda bandicoot

Spring has officially sprung and WWF-Australia and the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions need your help to understand urban quendas (bandicoots) better.

They’ve been asking the community to count quendas for five years now (between 2013 and 2017). The data that they’ve received has given them a better understanding of how quenda populations are trending around Perth and further afield.

It’s critical to get replication of surveys over time, as this is what helps boost understanding of how the urban quenda population is responding to the threats they face.

This year, they’re asking everyone to let them know about their Spring Quenda Count site, even if there are no longer any quendas there. This will assist in understanding what is happening to quendas across urban areas. More data points over the years for each site helps determine the trends gained from the study and see how quenda populations and distributions are changing.

How to count quendas

The quenda count can occur at any time over the coming spring months (September to November).

  • Choose a site to survey where you have seen quendas before.
  • Record the number of quendas you see in your survey site each day for up to seven days.
  • Record the number of minutes you spent looking out for quenda each day (so we can estimate abundance of quenda at your place).
  • Estimate the overall number of quenda you think live at your survey site.
  • Please remember that even if you don’t see any quenda at your place, we are still very interested to hear about it. This may indicate that quenda populations are declining in your area, so please still record your survey dates and times.

It’s essential that you follow the method provided so that your data can be used!

Download the 2018 Spring Quenda Count data sheet and the FAQs to get started

The survey will run until 30 November 2018.

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