2017 Spring Quenda Count

Counting quendas (bandicoots) in suburbia.

2 October 2017
image of a quenda bandicoot

3 steps to doing a quenda count

1 - Choose your survey site

This is a place where you have seen quendas before; it may be your own garden or a local park or patch of bush. It must be a specific location and for this reason, we ask that you record quendas within a defined area, preferably around 50 metres x 50 metres.

2 - Count the number of quendas seen each day for a maximum of 7 consecutive days during spring (September to November)

Record the maximum number of quendas seen within the search area on each day surveyed (minimum of 2 days and maximum of 7 consecutive days).

Avoid counting the same individual twice. E.g. record ‘3 quendas present’ if you can actually see 3 individuals in the survey area at the same time. If you see animals at different times in one day and you are sure they are different individuals, add them together to get a total. E.g. on Day 1, you saw 1 large quenda with missing tail in morning, followed by 3 small quendas seen in evening = a total of 4 quendas for Day 1.

If your site is a bushland or lake reserve that you can only visit once a day, just record the number of quendas seen within the same area each day. It doesn’t matter if you visit your site at a different time each day. Please try to visit at least twice in the seven day period.

It doesn’t matter which 7 day period you choose within the months of September to November, but the 7 days should be consecutive. You can do more than one 7 day period if you wish.

The standard search area is 50 m x 50 m (50 metres = about 70 paces). A smaller or larger site is fine, but please estimate the size of the area being searched. Any quendas seen outside your defined survey area may be recorded separately in the comments.

Important: please estimate amount of time spent actively looking or being ‘on the lookout’ for quendas on each survey day! Being ‘on the lookout’ simply means that you are in the search area and if a quenda turns up, you are likely to see it. (E.g. 30 minutes spent gardening in the morning and 15 minutes in the garden in the evening that same day = 45 minutes total time spent ‘on the lookout’.)

If you don’t see any quendas on one or all survey days, this is still important information – just record zero (0) quendas for each day spent ‘on the lookout’. And please still submit your completed data sheet.

3 - Return your completed data sheet by 10 December 2017

Please note you are responsible for your own safety while taking part in quenda surveys. Please dress appropriately for the weather, take someone with you or notify someone of your destination and expected time of return.

Download your data sheet