Open Gardens West Coast - 'Tenshira'

Community Event.

13 October 2019

open garden tensura

Artist Shirley Fisher caters for her passions of gardening, art and wildlife in the Byford hills at her garden: Tenshira. There will be plant sales and the art studio/gallery will be open.

Refreshments including lunches available.

After raising three children, studying and graduating with a Diploma in Fine Art whilst creating a tropical haven at Bullcreek - a garden also featured in the first Open Garden Scheme - Shirley and husband Ray decided to build an art studio/gallery on their vacant block in Byford in 1994.

The garden began immediately, with a tree fern grove planted under the canopy of mature Marri trees. Palms, cycads, ornamental trees, as well as larger shade bearing trees were also planted and are now, the main canopy for the many under-plantings.

Truck loads of sheep manure, horse manure and mulch were introduced to improve the soil, and over the years, consistent mulching along with the natural leaf litter has resulted in beautiful friable soil.

It was not until 1999 that the house was built, inspired by the garden which continued to expand.

Zones of palms, cycads, lush tropical foliage plants, ferns, succulents, productive fruit trees, vegetables and annuals evolved.

Pathways of pavers, crushed brick, lawn and mulch meander around the whole property.

The garden attracts over 60 species of birds, many nesting in the secure environment. Bandicoots and blue tongue lizards cohabitate happily.

In 2004 “Tenshira” was opened in the Australian Open Garden Scheme until 2009. Tenshira was opened again under the West Coast Open Garden Scheme in 2017.

Sadly, Ray passed away last October. Shirley is opening the garden, possibly for the last time, to raise awareness and funds for B, Ward 7 South at Fremantle Hospital.



10 Ray Close, Byford


10am to 4pm (Talk by John Banasiewicz on ‘Spore Growing” at 2pm)


12 and 13 October, 2019


Entry $6, children under 18 enter free

Wheelchair unfriendly, stroller accessible, please no dogs.