Mundijong DSP

Mundijong Whitby Implementation Strategy

The Mundijong-Whitby Implementation Strategy is a working document that provides overall guidance in terms of the actions required to implement the structure, vision and objectives identified for the planning and development of the Mundijong-Whitby District Structure Plan area.  At the Ordinary Council Meeting of 8 October 2012 Council adopted the Mundijong Whitby Implementation Strategy.

Mundijong Whitby Implementation Strategy (1Mb)

Final District Structure Plan adopted by Council

At the Ordinary Council Meeting of 25 October 2010, the Shire resolved to refer the Distirict Structure Plan (DSP) to the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) for its consideration.  On 9 February 2011 the Shire received correspondence from WAPC advising that the WAPC had undertaken its assessment and referred the DSP with modifications back to the Shire for consultation.

The Shire considered the proposed modifications and prepared an amended DSP incorporating the modifications as proposed by WAPC.  The amended DSP was considered at the Ordinary Council Meeting held 22 August 2011, where Council resolved to adopt the final Mundijong Whitby DSP.

The Final District Structure Plan Report and all appendices are available for download below.

Final Mundijong Whitby District Structure Plan Map (568kb)

Final Mundijong Whitby District Structure Plan (8.6Mb)

Appendix 1 - District Water Management Strategy (19Mb)

Appendix 2 - Sustainability Strategy (256kb)

Appendix 3 - Condensed Community Facilities and Services Strategy (59kb)

Appendix 4 - Traffic Modelling Base Network and with Option A

Appendix 5 - Economic Development/Activity Centres Background Paper (438kb)

Appendix 6 - Environmental Report (40Mb)

Appendix 7 - Integrated Water Management Strategy Summary Statement (39kb)

Appendix 8 - Enquiry by Design Outcomes Report V4 (10Mb)

Schedule of Modifications (271kb)