Home Based Businesses

We encourage residents to undertake safe home based businesses.

Enhancing the availability of goods and services to residents across the Shire is a positive move for our community.

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Before applying for a home business, you will need to check the zoning of your property to make sure that it supports the kind of business you are intending to run. There are several kinds of home businesses that might interest residents:

  • A home office is carried out by the owner of the dwelling, with no visiting clients, signage, or changes to the external façade of the building.
  • A home occupation is carried out at or around the dwelling, or by an occupant of the dwelling.
  • A home business is carried out at or around the dwelling, by an occupant of the dwelling which does not employ more than two people.
  • Industries producing arts and crafts goods, which cannot be carried out under the provisions relating to the home occupation.